We believe Hillsboro’s ReThink9 project will not only be transformative for the Town of Hillsboro but will usher in an era of greater promise and possibilities for the entire Route 9 corridor and the rural expanse of northwest Loudoun. Long notorious as one of the region’s most congested and unsafe routes that serves as a key link into Northern Virginia’s burgeoning metro area, ReThink9 (RT9) seeks to refocus this perception of Historic Charles Town Turnpike—one of Virginia’s most scenic rural byways that leads to one of the Commonwealth’s most robust rural recreational and agri-tourism regions. Our RT9 logo is an evocation of the sensation shared by travelers who enter into this region, with fields of golden hay and rows of deep green crops and vines that reflect the abundant agriculture of ‘The Gap” of the Short Hills, backed by the towering Blue Ridge Mountains. These stunning vistas of mountain ridges and open fields and the productive legacy farms, which we as only temporary stewards proudly endeavor to conserve, are at the core of the purpose and the message of ReThink9.

We are confident the RT9 logo is a genuine reflection of the vision and aspirations we have for the Hillsboro project and provides inspiration for the opportunities to come for the entire Route 9 corridor. We hope you will feel the same.