The Route 9 work zone within the Town of Hillsboro is partially open—depending on day and time—on August 15.

No Through Trucks are permitted on Route 9 within the Town of Hillsboro, or on the Hillsboro Local detour route. Take Alternate Routes.

Notice to Trucking and Freight Carriers and Buses Traveling Route 9

The Town of Hillsboro and VDOT have enacted truck restrictions on Route 9 within the Town borders as of May 4.

We are aware of the vital service trucking and freight carriers provide to our citizens during the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak. The uninterrupted flow of goods is essential to our economy and quality of life. Trucking is a crucial component of our nation’s infrastructure and we are grateful for your ongoing efforts. Please accept our thanks and appreciation for all that you do. We regret the inconvenience, but it is necessary for the safe completion of the required construction, and to do so ahead of schedule for the benefit of all.


All regional trucking and freight carriers and buses will be required to use the Regional Detour of Route 340 and Route 7.

Through Trucks Westbound:
Follow Detour to Route 7 West, to U.S. 340 to Charles Town, to West Virginia Route 9 East.

Through Trucks Eastbound:
Follow Detour to U.S. 340 at Charles Town to Berryville, to Route 7 East, to Route 9 West.

Truck Restrictions

Traffic barricades will be positioned at the eastern and western entrances to Hillsboro.

No through-traffic during full closure.

No Through Trucks on Local Detour

Through trucks are not permitted to use the Hillsboro Local detour route because of road width limits and bridge weight limit restrictions:

  • Stony Point Road (Rt. 719) 23 tons
  • Cider Mill Road (Rt. 751) 18 tons

Eastbound Travel Turnaround at Stony Point Road

Eastbound through trucks on Rt. 9 reaching Hillsboro will be required to U-turn at the Roundabout to return back to the next permitted truck route connecting to Rt. 7.

Westbound Travel Tournaround at Hillsboro Charter Academy Circle

Trucks traveling westbound will be required to return back to the next permitted truck route (Rt. 287/Berlin Tpke to Rt. 7 West) with a U-turn in the Roundabout.

Loudoun County Sheriff and State Police will be monitoring these intersections.

Delivering to the Town of Hillsboro and the Greater Hillsboro Area

The Town of Hillsboro is committed to the safety of our workers and residents in the construction zone and is taking the following actions to limit truck movement and maximize safety through the work zone:

Local Area Business Delivery

Deliveries to area businesses may require use of the Hillsboro Local detour. See map below.

Deliveries within the Town of Hillsboro

The Town and its contractor will attempt to accommodate door-to-door business deliveries inside the construction zone—provided we receive advance notice of delivery time to coordinate entry into the work zone.

For Amazon, FedEX, UPS and Other Local Carriers

A central parcel and package drop location for Hillsboro residents (37043 to 36930 Charles Town Pike) has been established at the Old Stone School, 37098 Charles Town Pike, which will always be accessible.