First settled in 1752, Hillsboro is among the oldest, smallest and best-preserved incorporated towns in the Commonwealth, with the entire Town on the National Register of Historic Places. In the early 1800s, residents began receiving drinking water from Hill Tom spring, nestled atop the Short Hill north of Town. The Hillsboro Water Company was incorporated in 1887 and in the century that followed most of the Town residences were connected to what became Hillsboro’s municipal water system. In the 1990s, concerns about the safety and adequacy of the spring water grew.

  • With the spring designated GUDI (Groundwater Under the Direct Influence of surface water), consumers have been under a Boil Water Notice for two decades
  • The Town waterworks is under an enforcement Consent Order to disconnect from its spring
  • A well, drilled to replace the spring, has inadequate volume to currently allow disconnection to the spring
  • The Town’s antiquated, 60-year-old water delivery system is prone to significant leakage

In the current phase of the Hillsboro Safe Drinking Water Project, a high-producing well situated near the North Fork of Catoctin Creek and Highwater Road will be brought on line. Raw water from this well will be pumped to the Town’s waterworks on Short Hill and reconnected to the existing delivery system. New raw water and treated water lines will be installed under Highwater and Stony Point Road, on the west end of Rt. 9 and in Spring Lane. In addition, there will be treatment plant improvements and the replacement of water storage tanks, as well as improvements to Spring Lane.

Within the next year, the second phase of this project will begin. In conjunction with the traffic calming and pedestrian safety road project, the town will install new water delivery lines and new meters and meter boxes for all existing customers.

This project will bring clean, safe drinking water to all of our current customers and make the system available to most residents. The ReThink9 Safe Drinking Water Project will soon resolve the acute, chronic and public health issues Hillsboro has faced for decades.