The Town of Hillsboro has established a grassroots community advisory team—the ReThink9 Compass—to ensure effective communication on the ground related to the Town-managed ReThink9 Traffic Calming and Pedestrian Safety Project.

Let’s meet the members now!

Asli Baki—Asli is co-owner of Hillsborough Winery and Brewery. She represents the business community, especially the wineries, WEST of Town.


Jennifer Breaux—Jennifer is Owner and Winemaker at Breaux Vineyards. She is a voice on behalf of the business community, especially the wineries, NORTH of Town.


Seb Cantone—Seb is a historic building consultant and resident of the Saratoga neighborhood and will represent residents WEST of Town.


Ray Cowell—Ray is pastor of the Western Loudoun Community Church, held every Sunday at the Old Stone School. He represents the residents of his congregation from across the region and also shares perspective as an IN-TOWN member.


Ann Fortin—Ann is owner of Kalero Vineyard, an event space accessed by Route 9. As a resident, Ann represents SOUTH of Town and is a business member for WEST of Town.


Lisa Franke—Lisa is an entrepreneur and IN-TOWN resident.


Al Gooden—Al is a member of the Hillsboro United Methodist Church and is a voice on behalf of the Church’s board and congregation EAST of Town.


Chris Griggs—Chris is farmer and owner of Homestead 1870 Farm Market and represents businesses NORTH of Town.


Lauren Hattingh—Lauren is a parent of a Hillsboro Charter Academy student, representing the parents, and IN-TOWN topics of the Academy, and is a voice for residents WEST of Town.


Carol Lenhart—Carol is a resident and business owner whose yoga practice, Birch Hollow Yoga, is accessed via Cider Mill Road, which is not on the Hillsboro local detour route and will represent SOUTH of Town.


John Lovegrove—John is a resident living along the Hillsboro Local detour and is a transportation specialist and will be a voice for those residents SOUTH of Town.


John Mulhall—John is a Saratoga neighborhood resident and past president of their HOA. He represents the residents WEST of Town.


Ronda Powell—Ronda is owner of Old 690 Brewing Company and one of the owners of Harpers Ferry Brewing, representing businesses both SOUTH and NORTH of Town.


Teri Riggs—Teri owns the new winery Forever Farm & Vineyard situated along the Hillsboro Local detour. She and will be a voice for businesses SOUTH of Town.


Dot Shetterly—Dot is owner of the Silverbrook Farm Bed and Breakfast Inn situated along the Hillsboro Local detour SOUTH of Town and will be a voice for fellow businesses in that area.


Cheri Shields—Cheri is owner of Hidden View Bed & Breakfast accessed directly from Route 9 and represents WEST of Town.


Bud Siegel—Bud is a resident and long-time transportation professional who currently works for the Town of Leesburg, therefore representing EAST of Town.


Kim Stribling—Kim is a therapist with Stribling Counseling and IN-TOWN resident.


Mark Wertheimer—Mark is the Principal of Hillsboro Charter Academy, representing the IN-TOWN concerns of the Academy and its scholars, parents and faculty.


Gwen Wilf—Gwen is President of the Board of Directors of Hillsboro Charter Academy representing the IN-TOWN concerns of the Academy and its parents and scholars.


Joanna Willard—Joanna teaches at a private Catholic school, is active in the homeschooling community and is a resident EAST of Town.