Since March 4 construction kick-off, there has been tremendous project progress. Here are data points as of July 19, 2020:

As a result of the accelerated full closure and re-sequencing of work, an early—April 2021—delivery date of project is anticipated, weather permitting.

Emergency temporary drinking water main has been replaced by new main with service laterals and meters installed at every existing customer property; service laterals and meter crocks installed at each remaining parcel. This work was completed in July, rather than as originally planned for completion in November.  All water quality tests have passed and the Town received VDH approval to lift the Boil Water Notice on Tuesday, July 21.

Roundabouts to be functional by August 15, five weeks ahead of the original schedule of late September.

Two full closures planned for November and December 2020 are no longer required: no more full closures in calendar year 2020 and now only one more closure in 2021.

  • All eight utility vaults installed
  • Just over 50% of stormwater drainage pipe installed (3,200 linear feet of 6,000 linear feet)
  • 70% of stormwater structures installed (70 of 100 structures)
  • 70% of sanitary sewer main and laterals installed
  • Eight of 13 retaining walls are complete
  • More than 75% of electric and communications conduits are installed:
    • electric conduit: 7,840 linear feet of 11,500 linear feet installed – 68%
    • communications conduit: 13,600 linear feet of 16,500 linear feet installed – 82%