ReThink9 project ready for construction start in early 2020.

Hillsboro, Va., November 7, 2019—Today the Town of Hillsboro opened bids from three qualified prime contractors for its ReThink9 Traffic Calming and Pedestrian Safety Project. According to Hillsboro Mayor Roger Vance, Volkert Engineering, which is the project’s design and construction management firm, will begin a detailed analysis of each bid and present that analysis to the Town project team early next week. Upon validation of the bids, Vance said, the Town anticipates signing a contract by the end of November.

After announcing the firm and bid total of each bid, the apparent low bidder was Archer Western Corporation at $14,329,193.09, Vance said. “Based on the bid totals received today, it is clear to me that all of the hard work and creative ideas that went into developing the revised Maintenance of Traffic framework has really paid off,” said Mayor Vance.

The other firms that submitted bids on the project were General Excavation Inc. and Sagres Construction. Bid tabulations for each firm are posted on the Town’s website,

“On behalf of the Town I wish to thank each bidder. I want to thank our colleagues from VDOT’s Northern Virginia and Staunton districts for their collaboration and hard work in preparation for this project, and also the citizens of our Town and the region as their voices informed much of how the maintenance of traffic plan was revised,” said Vance. “I want to extend my sincere appreciation for the tremendous effort of our entire project team in Hillsboro and at Volkert.”

Blue Ridge District Supervisor Tony Buffington, who has been a strong advocate for the ReThink9 project, said, “I appreciate the Town’s leadership in working with all parties to reduce costs and further limit the impacts of this much needed project.”

Hillsboro’s Vice Mayor and the Deputy Project Manager Amy Marasco added, “This moment is a big milestone in the project, putting us on track for construction to begin early next year. Hillsboro can now address the public health and safety issues that we have been working on for nearly two decades. We are all so excited to reclaim our Main Street!”