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Letters From Our Elected Officials, Local, State and U.S. Congresswoman Wexton, and Organizations

Thank you to the public officials and local Loudoun businesses and organizations whose letters of support for ReThink9 efforts to complete this project in the shortest duration possible continue to arrive daily so we can share them here on our site. Thanks to Congresswoman Jennifer Wexton, Blue Ridge District Supervisor Tony Buffington, Loudoun County Board of Supervisors Chair Phyllis Randall, Senator Richard Black, Hillsboro Charter Academy Principal Mark Wertheimer, AltaTerra Farm Bed & Breakfast owner Alta Jones and Visit Loudoun President & CEO Beth Erickson.


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A Message from Mayor Vance: Build it Once, Build it Now.

When the Town of Hillsboro assumed the management and administration of the ReThink9 road and infrastructure project, we embraced the mantra “Build it Once, Build it Now”—and the responsibility to dramatically reduce the cost, time and burden of construction on our...

Town of Hillsboro Safe Drinking Water Project

First settled in 1752, Hillsboro is among the oldest, smallest and best-preserved incorporated towns in the Commonwealth, with the entire Town on the National Register of Historic Places. In the early 1800s, residents began receiving drinking water from Hill Tom...

What’s ReThink9 About?

We believe Hillsboro’s ReThink9 project will not only be transformative for the Town of Hillsboro but will usher in an era of greater promise and possibilities for the entire Route 9 corridor and the rural expanse of northwest Loudoun. Long notorious as one of the...


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