When the Town of Hillsboro assumed the management and administration of the ReThink9 road and infrastructure project, we embraced the mantra “Build it Once, Build it Now”—and the responsibility to dramatically reduce the cost, time and burden of construction on our Town, our neighbors and everyone who travels through Hillsboro for work or play. With all of the preliminary engineering, design, right of way acquisition and planning now behind us, I eagerly look forward to the day in the near future when we offer a safer, calmer driving experience for residents and visitors, congestion mitigation for commuters and a safe environment for pedestrians and cyclists throughout the historic Town. We have also committed to preserving, protecting and enhancing Hillsboro’s 18th and 19th century historic assets and character while bringing the Town’s basic infrastructure into the 21st century and ensuring Hillsboro’s sustainability for generations to come.

We all share in the frustration of the current conditions of congestion, an unsafe and unwalkable town and the lack of safe drinking water and municipal sewers. Historic Hillsboro—though charming—is severely limited by these current conditions in the ability to attract appropriate small-scale businesses, which in turn help sustain the Town and support our rural regional economy.

I recognize that all of us will also share in the burdens of a large and complex utility and road construction project under such constrained field conditions. What is also very clear is the faster we can get this project to the finish line, the faster we will all reap the benefits.

I remain committed to removing every barrier to getting this construction project started and finished as quickly as possible and with the lowest costs possible.

To “Build it Once” has required an unprecedented level of cooperation, collaboration and common sense among local, regional and state agencies and organizations, along with overwhelming grassroots support. To “Build it Now”—in the most efficient, cost- and time-effective manner—will require the same level of collaboration and common-sense commitment to shorten as much as possible the duration of construction and thus the disruption to traffic and business. Our goal is to lessen the impacts on the businesses of the Greater Hillsboro area and on the thousands who use Route 9 every day by delivering the quickest possible completion of construction.

ReThink9 will be transformative for the Town of Hillsboro and the Greater Hillsboro region by relieving congestion and creating a safe, pedestrian- and business-friendly hub to the Commonwealth’s most dynamic recreational and agricultural tourism regions. Our local vineyards, wineries, breweries, farms and farm markets, event venues, bed & breakfasts, open rural spaces, historic sites and mountain vistas comprise an unparalleled asset. ReThink9 will enhance, protect and preserve that critical asset.

I invite you to learn more and get the latest updates by signing up for the ReThink9 Dispatch, a newsletter that will periodically be sent to your inbox. Our project website, www.rethink9.com, will be your one-stop-shop for official and timely updates on RT9 and events and happenings around town and in the region. I hope to see you there!


Mayor Roger L. Vance