Dear Northwest Loudouners:

The Town of Hillsboro is asking for your help during our closure of Route 9 in Hillsboro that began last week. We hope you will help set an example for all motorists, in particular during morning and evening rush hours, to drive only the identified and signed detour routes. Fortunately, a sizeable percentage of regional commuter traffic has chosen to follow the Regional Detour, but many are still choosing to continue to use Route 9 to Hillsboro, and thus are using the Local Detour.


Driving the Local Detour means not using Cider Mill Road. Law enforcement cannot be monitoring these locations at all times, so please recognize that when you turn onto Cider Mill, either from Route 9 or from Woodgrove Road—especially during busy commuter hours—you encourage non-local commuters to follow you and use Cider Mill as a cut through road.


Northern Virginia VDOT traffic engineers identified the Local Detour as the safest way to travel around the work zone. The detour routes were established, and safety improvements were made, to handle the normal, full volume of traffic—with schools in session and buses transporting our children on these roads.


While the repaving of Stony Point and Woodgrove have improved the safety of these roads, they remain secondary rural roads with narrow and winding segments not suitable for high speeds. At the request of residents and law enforcement, an enforceable 10-mph speed limit reduction has been instituted during the detour. We are hopeful this posted speed of 25 mph will prompt drivers to slow down. To facilitate a smooth flow of westbound traffic, the stop sign at Stony Point and Rt. 9 has been covered to allow a continuous left turn onto Route 9.


For the bulk of the daily commuters, the safest and fastest route is to use the Regional Detour. The Hillsboro Local Detour Local is intended for Northwest Loudoun area motorists and the visitors to and clients of Hillsboro-area businesses.


We are deeply appreciative for your patience during this project. Please help ensure safety for everyone driving around the region. Please follow the signed detour routes, obey law enforcement, drive the speed limit and travel safely.

Thank you.

—Mayor Roger Vance