On a construction site, safety is everyone’s job.

Hillsboro’s ReThink9 road and infrastructure project proudly participated in national Construction Safety Week (September 14 to 18) to join with project contractor Archer Western to reflect on and emphasize the importance of a daily commitment to safety. To ensure safety fundamentals remain top of mind for all workers, Archer Western coordinated early-morning presentations related to trench safety, rigging safety and tree/brush clearing safety.

Members of Loudoun County Fire & Rescue Station 26 joined workers and project management on Wednesday, September 16, bringing its tanker truck and demonstrating proper fire extinguisher use using the department’s digital simulation tools.

Battalion Chief Justin Green explained the importance of proper fire extinguisher use with a simple and memorable four-letter word: PASS—Pull, Aim, Squeeze, Sweep. Standing six-feet away from the training device, the workers were given an opportunity to see the laser training in action and test out their own skills on the simulation.

Every worker has the ability to stop work if they see an action that is not safe. There are no do-overs if there is a safety-related incident.

Since slip and fall is responsible for 66 percent of worker incidents around trenches and is the most common type of injury in a work zone, United Rentals talked about proper trench safety. Ram Tool Construction Supply Company stressed the importance of maintaining functional and to-code Personal Protective Equipment such as hard hats, gloves and eye protection. I & I Sling, Inc. reinforced appropriate rigging inspection tips to ensure safety of web, chain and wire rope.

Evergreen Tree Service, based within the Town and contracted by Archer Western for clearing work along Route 9, will speak about clearing safety and proper tool/equipment use.

The Town of Hillsboro and the ReThink9 project team thanks all our workers for their commitment to safety, every day.

Thanks to Archer Western for taking the time to recognize safety fundamentals in an effort to keep the project incident-free.