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Route 9 within Hillsboro is Now Closed. Follow Posted Detours.

Motorists must follow the regional or Hillsboro local detours

Full Closure of Route 9 within the Town of Hillsboro

A full closure of Route 9 within the Town and implementation of local and regional detours began on May 4. By continuing a data-driven decision-making process, VDOT and the Town’s project team are ensuring this full closure will not only allow higher productivity and efficiency, but most critically it will improve the safety for residents, workers, school children and motorists. Strict social distancing and COVID-19 safety protocols have been and will continue to be practiced by the project and construction teams.

During this extraordinary time of sheltering in place, shuttered schools and businesses and a dramatic reduction in traffic on Route 9, taking this action now will lessen the impacts to residents, schools, businesses and motorists later.

Project Overview

ReThink9 is a comprehensive traffic-calming, pedestrian safety and infrastructure project on Route 9 in historic Hillsboro that will have positive impacts beyond the Town and along the Route 9 corridor. The project will relieve severe congestion for the more than 17,000 daily vehicle trips through Hillsboro and vastly improve vehicular and pedestrian safety. With the installation of modern infrastructure, the project will benefit residents and businesses, and enable expansion of economic opportunity in the hub of a dynamic rural economy. Through its meticulous design and extensive use of context-sensitive material, the project will respect and complement the unique historical authenticity and integrity of Hillsboro, one of the Commonwealth’s best preserved Early-American rural villages.

Join us on our journey to improve safety, protect our rural economy and heritage—and bring modern infrastructure into an important historic region.

Messages from the Mayor

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Road Closure Week 1

The first five days of the full closure of Route 9 in Hillsboro and implementation of the Regional and Local Detours has proven to be successful, providing the traveling public safe routes and enabling a safe, efficient and productive work zone. Many thanks to law...

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